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Immerse yourself in a different deadly crime each week with us as we explore stories that range from the utterly bizarre to the downright bone-chilling, while unpacking the lives of both the murderers and their victims. 


Using narrative storytelling to explore some of the Southwest's most hair-raising crimes, we also incorporate conversational commentary to help keep things on the lighter side, ultimately, providing you with laughs while satiating even the most intense true crime appetites. 


DXSW is smart, suspenseful, and just the right amount of sarcastic!!🌵☠️

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Margot, a former teacher, has been working as a Producer & Writer in the entertainment industry for 5+ years finding and developing a wide variety of media projects (audio, film & television).


She's worked on shows such as Daddy Issues with Joe Buck & Oliver Hudson, Unqualified with Anna Faris, Minor Adventures with Topher Grace, X Marks the Spot, Good Risings, and more.


When she's not working/podcasting, Margot spends her time cooking, being outdoors, and hanging out with her 3 dogs, cat, and family! 

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Jenna is a freelance writer and amateur artist (who also has a day job). While new to the podcast world, she was eager to join her sister as cohost, viewing it as a new realm of creative expression.  


When not working, writing, or drawing, Jenna finds joy in tending to her plants, consuming all things space-related, and planning her next adventure

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